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Telephone On Hold Messages

We pride ourselves on delivering 'Engaging
On Hold Messages' for your company.

On hold messages and marketing have become a vital part to building your brand 
and here at 
On Hold Messages 2 U, we want to make it as easy as possible for you 
to get the best results, from a simple on hold message to a full marketing campaign.

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

On Hold Messages Option 1 On Hold Messages Option 3

Write your script
Need help with your script? 
ake advantage of our Free 
script writing service.

Choose your voice
We have amazing hand picked
male and female voices for 
you to choose from.

Select your music
If required we have specially
selected royalty free on hold
music from our library.

SAVE ££££'s
Why get locked into a 5 year contract when you can pay for your telephony updates as and when you need them?
Contact Maria today: 

  • Fast, friendly and professional service.
  • Great prices.
  • Marketing on hold messages for brand building and sales.
  • Free script writing service available.
  • No monthly fees
  • No contracts - Your quoted price is the price you pay.


On hold messages
is a cost effective
way to...

Build your brand
Increase sales
Create the right tone 
for your company

Develop other areas 
of your business
Give confidence 
to your customers
Put the 'E' into 
Cost Effective on 
hold Marketing


The Place for all Your on Hold Messaging, on Hold Marketing, and Telephone on Hold Messages

For any company, it is important to build your brand and get your product or service noticed. A great way to get your business and brand noticed is through marketing and on hold messages. The process is quite simple and you will have help throughout the entire process.

The first step is going to be writing the script you would like to use for your message. You may not be sure of what to use as your script, you may be unsure of what would and would not work. If this is the case, you can take advantage of our script writing services that are offered for no additional cost. Our professional copywriter will create the script and return it to you for your approval before recording.

The next step is to choose the voice that you would like saying your message. There is a group of both male and female voices that have been handpicked for their talent for delivering top quality voiceover messages. You can also choose Royalty and PRS free music that will be used as a background to your message or in between the message being stated.
You will receive professional and friendly service throughout each step of the process. The message that you need created will also be completed quickly, so you can get it up and working for your company right away. You will not need to pay outrageous prices for this service. The prices are competitive, and there are no monthly fees. The price you are quoted for the service you need is the price you will pay.

Once you have set up your on hold message, you can choose to set up an entire marketing campaign as well. If you choose to set up a marketing campaign, our friendly staff is here to help you throughout the process and will work with you to ensure that your marketing is a success. It’s amazing how using some simple techniques can help develop your brand, generate awareness of your products and influence sales. 

Getting your product or service noticed is a great way to build up your brand. Using on hold messages and marketing are great ways of getting your business noticed.

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